January 12 to February 18, 2023

Ivan Murit uses algorithms and models born from the observation of biological phenomena to generate forms. After graduating with a Master's degree from the Valencia School of Fine Arts, he taught himself to program during his art studies, and code quickly became his preferred medium. His fascination for natural forms and his readings in the field of life sciences influence his practice.

His research is situated between conceptual approach and sensitive perception, seeing in the forms obtained by generative programming; analogies
with the processes of morphogenesis observed in nature. His interest
for the formal aspect and the structural self-organization of biological forms transpires in his artistic practices.

Thus, in the exhibition, photographs of natural elements, such as his Water series, are compared with images generated solely from code. Ivan Murit admires their random principle, and sees in them a continuity

He approaches programming as an experimental medium that allows him to search for a certain autonomy of form. These works lead to a polymorphic production, often taking the form of production processes or even tools.

By using generative and iterative principles, he obtains autonomous structures; offering several forms to a same code. In this sense he speaks of morphogenesis. In spite of its artificiality, this algorithmic matter suggests, from a formal point of view, similarities with the living.

The program Texturing, which he has developed in several software versions since 2015, allows the processing of the image frame, by applying Turing patterns to it. Based on the mathematical system of reaction-diffusion, its parameterizable frames offer a variety of organic shapes. The algorithm used is based on the model of a reaction found in chemistry, geology or biology, which is the basis of many patterns: tropical fish, animal skins, corals ...

Born of digital, his creations materialize on supports from the printed word, sometimes obtained by self-taught processes set up by the artist, being an integral part of the work.
He thus questions the nature of the image, in particular the relations between its structural elements, such as the points of screen or the pixels.

With the project Temps de diffusion, he is interested in the automation of a capillary printing system on paper or fabric. The computer and mechanical programming of the tool makes it possible to control the diffusion time of each point constituting the global screen of the image.

Ivan Murit deploys this principle by hijacking the use of a cutting plotter, to create a process of infusion printing. Drops of bleach bleach the fabric to form the frame of images, derived from scientific visualizations under the microscope, in particular pollen grains.

In his Mechanical Falls series, he uses systems derived from mathematics such as cellular automata; a system of duplication of "cells" in lines by exponential multiplication, in which the new state of a line contains the information of the previous one and integrates it into the new iteration. The form is thus evolutionary and conveys a notion of time. It also reflects the interdependence of the cells between them. By changing a state of the grid, its entire formal aspect is modified, giving the overall composition a capacity for self-creation.

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