with Gaia Azzi, Olga Fradina, Dist Collective, David Seven

from October 5 to 28

Opening Thursday October 5, 6pm to 10pm



The MINER△L exhibition open a creative dialogue among generative artists exploring the theme of mineral morphogenesis, inspired by the meticulous observation of its structures, textures, patterns, and specific colors.

The exhibition highlights the observation of visual characteristics linked to geological formations in the process of creating generative artworks. Artistic exploration draws inspiration from it, and translates it digitally into the use of software and code, to recreate the transformations and textures observed in nature.

Artists embrace visual programming tools such as "Shaders," allowing them to simulate natural phenomena with subtlety to reproduce variations in mineral textures and crystalline patterns. By customizing, they manage to simulate the sedimentation processes inherent in geology, without necessarily seeking perfect replication, offering us a visual experience that is both familiar and strangely fascinating.

Digital expressiveness enables them to craft visual compositions that reflect both the beauty of nature and computer-assisted creativity.

By employing visual programming software as a creative process to guide pattern generation, they capture the essence of minerals, pushing the boundaries of abstraction to express their personal vision of these characteristics. Mineral formations, crystals, and rock strata are conceptually evoked here. The integration of fractal geometry and other mathematical structures provides a wide palette of textures and patterns, ranging from sparkling crystals to rough and textured surfaces.

Much like the natural processes of mineral formation that evolve over time, the artists conceive works that gradually evolve or are generated randomly, thus creating diverse and unique results with each iteration.

Procedural execution and the selection of software parameters are critical stages in the creative process. However, these tools introduce an element of randomness into their creations, allowing them to come to come in life organically, with varied and uniques outcomes in each iteration, while still maintaining creative control.

The exhibition features digital artworks printed on various media, accompanied by an NFT edition.
NFT solos are also on sale in the objkt collection (from Thursday October 5).

Gaia Azzi

Olga Fradina

Dist Collective (Bilge & Ilgin İçözü)

D/vision7 (David Seven)
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