March 7 to 30 

with Mihai Grecu, Alice Rosati, David Munoz 
Opening Thursday, March 7, 6-9pm

The group exhibition MIRAGE takes over from the Deeep Art Fair, in which the gallery participated alongside the week devoted to NFTs and Digital Art in Paris in February. It features works by Mihai Grecu, David Munoz and Alice Rosati.

The notion of mirage is used here metaphorically to describe transpositions from reality, through the representation of an artificial or fantasized nature.
Alice Rosati presents a series of cyanotypes, created from images of meteorites and nebulae taken from the NASA website. This series is part of her project which brings together artworks and an artist's book "THEY ARE COMING", it questions the collective imagination linked to the end of the world.

Mihai Grecu creates video sequences using a mix of shootings and 3D animation, as well as AI-based creation tools. In these hallucinatory scenes, elements come to life through the manifestation of phenomena that defy spatial logic, as if imbued with a magnetic force... A swirl of pebbles, a suspended cloud, a liquid rosette; the deliberate manipulation of visual elements here offers a subjective experience of reality.

David Munoz creates representations of mountains using landscape-generation software, calling into question their veracity. More generally, the artist stages entities whose gigantic, incommensurable nature defines them as "hyperobjects". 

To be able to observe them, he looks for representations of these phenomena, of which we can only have a fragmentary vision.

By taking a step from the reality and questioning his illusory nature, the MIRAGE exhibition prompts us to reflect on our world. 


Galerie Data
26, boulevard Jules Ferry Paris 20
Thursday to Saturday 2pm-8pm 

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