from March 8 to 25, 2023 / Opening on March 10
with Hiromasa Fukaji and Junichiro Horikawa

The exhibition presents reproductions of a creations selection from the book NATURE/CODE/DRAWING, a collaboration between Hiromasa Fukaji and Junichiro Horikawa, respectively graphic designer and creative developer, originally from Japan.

At first published exclusively in Japanese, the book is now available in its English version. Published by Vetro Editions, in partnership with Generative Hut. It follows their previous collaboration around generative art; the book A.R.E - Augmented Reality Exhibition, gathering about thirty international artists.

The artworks have a version in augmented reality, via the AR GRAPHY application created by Junichiro Horikawa, which reveal their creative processes in animated versions.

For several years Hiromasa Fukaji has been exploring the possibilities of materializing digital forms through plotter drawing. His first experiments stemmed from his initial training in graphic design at the Kyoto Institute of Technology. He is conducting research on the borderline between digital and tangible, taking advantage of the precision of the computer tool as much as the «accidental expressions» of the plotter.

Junichiro Horikawa has an algorithmic and mathematical approach to graphic creation. He works with softwares based on visual programming, generating 3D visualizations of complex shapes (VEX Houdini, Rhino & Grasshopper, Unity...)
They allow a procedural approach to design, with modeling and programming systems.

Their creative complicity, between design and computational conception, is the source of multiple projects. The series Uncontrolled Types (2018) explores the typographic field, programming graphics to form an alphabet.

In the collaborative project 4D Drawing (2021), they experiment with the exercise of drawing in 4 dimensions, projecting the three-dimensional faces of a shape onto a new axis. The result is a series of sculptural drawings, formed by the successive passages of the tracer.

NATURE/CODE/DRAWING is an interpretation of nature through code. The series is inspired by the observation of natural phenomena; the movement of water, the relief of a mountain or a rock, molecular forms, or other structures inspired by the living world... Junichiro Horikawa uses algorithmic design methods to imitate these mechanisms, by understanding them mathematically to reproduce them artificially.

Procedural programming allows the elaboration of modular graphic compositions, which function as systems. By varying the numerical values and the composite parameters of the code, it influences the formal result.

The algorithmic forms developed by Junichiro Horikawa, are materalized in the physical world by the plotter drawing of Hiromasa Fukaji. This collaboration gives birth to a series of artworks with organic forms, whose graphic complexity enters in paradox with a visual purity. The expression of their respective disciplines allow a symbiosis between the digital and the tangible, through the scientific observation of nature and its technological and artistic application.

Press Release

The exhibition presents a selection of creations from the book NATURE/CODE/DRAWING, by Hiromasa Fukaji and Junichiro Horikawa. The exhibition features reproductions of the drawings in a limited edition of 10 copies.

Book on sale at VETRO Editions (Berlin) 

In collaboration with Generative Hut

Hiromasa Fukaji 

Junichiro Horikawa 

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