qubibi solo show PART I, from 26 April to 20 May
qubibi solo show PART II, from 24 May to 17 June

qubibi is developing research that revolves around the evolution of an original algorithm that began in 2010 with a project called hello world. Initially, the artist experimented with the process of creating borders through colors, as a result of his research the algorithm appeared. 

His project mimizu, literally “earthworm“ in Japanese, is governed by the same principle of determining borders, by generating the path of a digital point. Patterns are drawn that appear to be the result of a weaving of digital layers.

With this algorithm that unfolds over the long term, he pursues his search for a specific and evolving code, which results in different graphic forms. This work with multiple configurations proposes a new form with each iteration.

The artist determines a set of rules that are like the outlines that emerge from his own process of trial and error. From this set of responses, he continually creates and throws This creative process in interaction with randomness often gives him the impression of being guided towards the goal as he creates.

“I want generative art to be an act of quietly watching over the clashing of rules and chaos.“

In the wiwizn project, qubibi experiments and explores the idea of inverting the mimizu series. While mimizu started out as an animation, the artist decided to create still NFTs to capture specific moments of the shapes and lines intertwining and emerging into each other. Their compositions are organic, abstracted and imbue a spiritual presence. They are colorful creations that range from chaotic and improvisational to careful and considered, seeking to show the deeper reality beyond the physical world.

These artworks are made by experimenting with several tools and programming languages; such as Action Script (AS3) with Adobe Flash, and C# with Unity.



qubibi is a label of Kazumasa Teshigawara focused on digital art.

Kazumasa Teshigawara is an artist, born in Tokyo in 1977. He pursues artistic research using programming, through projects of various forms: digital and interactive works, installations, live audiovisual performances. He is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Art and Design (Tama Art University). 

For more than a decade, he has been exploring various expressions of an unique algorithm, a digital weaving that he deploys on different media, in still or animated images.

Before embarking on full-scale activities as an artist, he was active as an art director and web designer, and has won international media art awards such as the Cannes Lions and the Japan Media Arts.

In 2010, his first generative art project hello world was presented. Since then he regularly produces exhibitions and video installations. 

In 2018, a solo exhibition was held at MUDA (Museum of Digital Art) in Zurich, presenting all of his digital artworks.

In the same year, the Music Worm exhibition presented in Audio Architecture in Tokyo, was a fully immersive experience with animated generated visuals. 

Related to the beginnings of his project mimizu, he started to show his artworks digitally on NFT platforms. In this community he enjoys an important reputation, being followed by many collectors.

Qubibi regularly participates in events and exhibitions in collaboration with NFT market members, such as Verse, Vertical Crypto Art, or the NFT POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair.

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