TR△M△GE presents a duo show between Loïc Schwaller, known as Loackme, whose artistic practice is linked to generative programming, and Simon Lazarus, known as Simon Lazarus 84 from the graffiti scene, trained in art and graphic design.

Loackme is a French artist currently based in Amsterdam. Following an initial training in applied mathematics, he discovered the principles of graphic visualization for statistical applications, then the artistic practice of "creative coding". Using code as a medium, he developed an abstract, geometric and monochromatic aesthetic, for which he became renowned in the Web 3 world.

Simon Lazarus is an artist trained in Arts & Design at H.E.A.R (Strasbourg) and working in Paris. After fifteen years in the Parisian and European graffiti scene, he made the transition to digital tools. He experiments with them in search of passages between the digital and the tangible, exploring aesthetics fueled by his practice of drawing and painting in urban spaces.

The exhibition shows a dialogue between the two artists, allowing visitors to discover their different approaches to digital art. Both explore a personal creative quest, tending towards the creation of graphic territories, through a distinct and original style. Loïc Schwaller starts from a mathematical base, exploring the visualization of equations using code and algorithms. Simon Lazarus, on the other hand, transcribes a graphic style linked to gesture and drawing, through the use of software tools.

Their respective practices offer points of encounter; they share a purified approach to digital graphics, linked to the pixel.

NFT collection on objkt 

with loackme & Simon Lazarus 84
from September 13 to 23, 2023
Vernissage, Thursday September 14, 6pm to 10pm

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