The XPRMNT exhibition is a reference to the Genuary, a recurring annual event celebrating the practice of creative coding, and the use of image generating software. 

This event takes place throughout January, with one "challenge" per day. The list includes themes directly linked to digital practice: pixels, ASCII, particles. Others in relation to principles of image composition; Point-Line-plane, Hexagonal... As well as tribute themes, such as Bauhaus and "in the style of" Vera Molnár or Anni Albers.  

All themes says "prompts" are shared via https://genuary.art/.
The movement is relayed on the site and by artists on social networks via the hashtag #genuary.

This opportunity gives artists the chance to explore their practices, from basics to last trends, on a commons themes.

For one month, a showcase is opened, where established artists and those with a more novice practice come together.

This brings us back to the original impetus of this community: curiosity and exchange around a creative practice. 

While these experimental creations are first and foremost an exercise in sharing with the community, the exhibition presents artworks' versions reworked by the artists for the occasion. 

Presented on screens at Galerie Data, they will be minted on objkt and on sale for the occasion. 

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